Clickbank Makeovers

In the spirit of encouraging interaction, I’m inviting you to request a salespage makeover for any Clickbank product you’re interested in promoting.

My guess is that many people don’t realize how much sense it makes give new life to a product simply by re-designing the salespage.  OK, graphic design is a specialized skill set that not many people are adept at, so… here’s your chance to take advantage of an opportunity that won’t cost you $ or time to accomplish a makeover.

The reason I’m looking at Clickbank-only makeovers is because it’s easy to circumvent the original affiliate hoplink that re-directs people to the original salespage, and still keep the affiliate cookie intact.

So, by taking advantage of these makeovers, you get the effect of promoting a whole new product while using a slightly different hoplink format to send people directly to the payment link instead of having to read a second salespage (the original salespage).

This thread explains how it works but in a nutshell, all we’re doing is changing the traditional hoplink format from (now encrypted)



Now, when you research Clickbank products that look like they’d be a good fit for your niche, but the salespage leaves something to be desired, all you have to do is build a new one (or suggest one here) and use the second hoplink format for your payment button.  The visitor goes directly from your salespage to the payment page, totally bypassing the original vendor’s salespage.

The following salespage is a re-make of the Clickbank original.

Test this for yourself and scroll down to the bottom of the page to verify that your affiliate ID is visible and will receive credit for the sale.

That’s it — just change the hoplink format..!

Now keep those makeover requests coming and I’ll see if I can keep up.  I’m pretty old-fashioned though so keep them family-friendly please.  For example, if it’s something that would make Mickey Mouse blush, chances are good that I won’t work with it.

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